Rabu, 24 April 2013

Four Options 'Doctors Bag' which Stylish for Everyday Life

Duffel bags originally intended to bring medical equipment and are more often taken by doctors. But now the doctor's bag began to trend in the fashion world and captivate the hearts of many women because the model is classic and timeless. The bag is also suitable for everyday activities. Here are four options recommended duffel bag. Lets see one by one.

1. Loewe

The bag is designed with a palette of pink, so it looks feminine. The bag can be used as the office, or when the roads. You can combine them with a similar coloured dress.

2. Yves Saint Laurent

The form is simple to facilitate you combine these bags with any outfit. Output Saint Laurent bag is made of lamb leather dominated red light. This bag can also be a shoulder bag.

3. Alexander Wang

Comes in black, duffel bag this one has an ageless character and versatility. When travelling, you can also use these bags with integrated blouse and jeans. A wide range of equipment ranging from makeup equipment, purses, and so can you carry in this bag.

4. Gucci

The Gucci fashion house also provides a doctor's bag that you can use at the office. The bag is designed with typical Gucci monogram pattern. If you want a vintage style, use this bag could be an alternative. Interested in having them?

Five Beautiful Swimsuit for Pregnant Women

I'm pregnant, and I want to swim! Yes, in addition to effectively help pregnant women sleep more soundly and reduce nausea during pregnancy, swimming many doctors recommended because of the risk of injury is relatively low. But for moms who do not have private pools sometimes feel embarrassed if they have to show off their big belly in public pools. Do not worry ladies, I have a few specific references swimsuit women who actually make the wearer look sexy and cool!

Keyhole Maternity Swimwear

Halter ties that incorporates both sides of the bra support is the key factor this unique swimsuit. The design resembles a keyhole with wrinkles around it also gives the wearer a comfortable moving space.

Martha Tankini Maternal America

One piece swimsuit dark brown has an adjustable halter tie. O-shaped ring with wrinkles around the chest to be the main attraction this swimsuit. Moreover, additional accessories such as beads which adds a more elegant impression. Not only that, simply remove the halter tie then voila a mini swimsuit swimwear that will make you look sexier.

Maternal America Jenni Tankini Monaco

By combining a variety of eye-catching pattern, Maternal America Jenni Tankini Monaco majority of choice for pregnant women. Conspicuous as a swimsuit style that works for her dark skin is composed of several waves of colour. Brown and white colours dominate along the circumference of the chest, while the colour aqua and black to the base colour waist. In addition, it also has a Tankini bra and panties string bikini buffer with colourful waves of the same pattern. The design is similar cursory dress will help disguise the tummy pregnant because it was lively and wide ends swimsuit wearer stomach distress.

Prego Maternity Texture Heart Swimsuit

With a scoop neck design on the front and crossed the line behind their backs that make a heart made Prego Maternity Texture Heart Swimsuit appear attractive. Another advantage of this black swimsuit is the number of stretches which allows the mother to move freely without feeling claustrophobic.

Papaya Piece Flutter Halterkini

This two piece swimsuit has bra back buffer and chest clip that can sustain well. Light transparent fabric that covers the stomach to be the main attraction this bikini. Plus the unique design with bright colors like a ripe papaya Papaya Piece Flutter Halterkini made suitable for use in a swimming pool as well as a walk on the beach.

Flower Motif, Coast Trends Collection for Spring or Summer 2013

A coast fashion brand known for its series of collection a feminine, elegant, and luxurious impression. A variety of clothing is specially designed for party wear, day events, as well as a formal event in the evening. For the collection Spring or Summer 2013, the British fashion label that comes with printed flower that seem glamorous, girly, and contemporary. Peep his latest collection here.

1. Strapless Dress

Purple palette with floral detail that was given a touch of pink, strapless dress comes wrapped in it. Clothing is able to give the impression of feminine and enhance the appearance of the wearer. Apply this dress with matching high heels combined to support the appearance.

2. Volume Dress

Party dress feminine and elegant impression can be applied through the use of the canal by the detail sleeveless skirt this volume. To sweeten the look, wear accessories such as necklaces and bracelets.

3. Touch of White

White dress to be one of the must-have fashion item. To add to a collection, you can buy a canal intersected seat as Coast's knees output. A predominantly white dress was designed with a beautiful floral motif that makes less monotonous. Similarly, complete your look with high heels and clutch to make it more elegant.

4. Wrinkle Accents

Insert elegant and feminine elements in overalls sleeveless with ruffle detail at the chest. Dress is able to make you look good at a party. Combine it with a matching footwear you can apply.

5. Satin Gown

Comes with a light green colour, this dress can make you look wearing it look fresh. Use a small belt to shape your silhouette slim waist.

6. Full Colour

Encourage yourself by wearing a colourful dress that inspired the new Coast this season. Wearing the dress when visiting a formal event, it also makes you a more exciting look.

7. Halter Neck

Express you look at her exciting style in your every move. Canal halter neck output Coast could be an alternative. You can wear it while attending a party in the afternoon. Simply complete the look with high heels natural colour like mad.

8. Plated Accents

Dress with pleated detail has become a fashionable convenient option. The model is a bit of a classic, but still looks modern and elegant with a mix of lace. To make it look more beautiful, match with high heels and a nude coloured clutch.

Casual Style with Four Selections this Jumpsuit

The model is a practical and convenient to make jumpsuit often worn for casual events. Fashion items can make you relaxed style, but still looks pleasing to the eye. Here are four options recommended jumpsuit that can become your favorite outfit.

1. Missoni

Jumpsuit comes with belt detail that can shape your silhouette slim waist. Tribal motifs on the jumpsuit makes the wearer become more stylish. Comfortable clothing that can be purchased at an online shopping site Net-a-porter for USD $780.

2. Paul & Joe

If you want to look casual but still stylish, wearing a jumpsuit can output Paul & Joe's. Comes with lace detail on the back, clothing palette of blue sky was sold USD $590. The jumpsuit is ideal for those who want a stylish style of the 70's.

3. Michael Kors

Michael Kors stretch jumpsuit output of this one is designed with the dominant palette of caramel. Fashion item also comes with a belt detail that can make the wearer look slimmer. Made of polyester and spandex material, this dress can be bought for USD $250.

4. Donna Karan

Black dress became one of the must-have fashion item. One shoulder jumpsuit can be chosen. You can wear it for USD $310 into a casual or formal event though. To get a more casual, mix jumpsuit with sling back sandals and tote bag.